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Customer loyalty matters

It’s easier and more cost effective to retain customers than acquire new ones. You spend a lot of time keeping your site clean and tidy, giving great customer service and maintaining your equipment. Don’t let poor results from your chemistry give them reasons to leave and shop around other washes.

Our quality Products will help your equipment perform at its best and keep your customers coming back for more clean, shiny cars.

“With 6 carwash sites to manage, I need a supplier that understands my needs and makes my life easier. For 18 years now we’ve been relying on the team at Velocity to keep our business running smoothly and our customers coming back for more”

Glen Hayes, Carwash Headquarters

“I’ve been with Velocity for over 10 years now. They’re always introducing something new, but most of all they treat me like a friend and a partner. Not a number”

Wayne Morris, No1 Carwash
(Sale, Victoria)