Uniclean 205 B 25LT



Uniclean 205B is a general purpose cleaner that readily removes a wide range of soils from common hard surfaces.

Uniclean 205B will remove oil, grease, exhaust stains, food and organic residues and general environmental soils more rapidly than with other wide application detergents.



  • Multi-Purpose Liquid – quickly wets, penetrates, softens, emulsifies and disperses tough soils with minimum agitation.
  • Readily Soluble - miscible with hot and cold water over a wide range of economical dilutions.
  • Hard Water Tolerant - maintains its high performance detergency even when used in hard water conditions.
  • Free Rinsing - suspended soils are quickly and effectively removed from the surface due to superior rinsing activity.
  • Active Concentrate - the concentrate can be diluted with hot or cold water to achieve fast and effective cleaning at a range of economical concentrations relative to the severity of the soils to be removed.
  • Suitable for a Multitude of Cleaning Operations - can be used at various dilution levels for cleaning floors, walls, tiles, plastic, painted and laminated surfaces, baked enamel, stainless steel and similar inert surfaces. Uniclean 205B is not recommended for use on sensitive surfaces such as aluminium, zinc and tin.
  • Spray-On/Wipe-Off Cleaning - ideal for use in hand sprayers and low pressure spray equipment for the manual cleaning of walls, doors, partitions, exhaust fans, benches, food compartments and equipment.

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