Process 946N-2 250 x 32 Gram


250 X 32 Gram


Process 946N is a dark blue powdered concentrate especially formulated to act as a bacteriostat and odour counteractant in aircraft toilet systems. The formula is packaged in pre-measured soluble sachets providing controlled accurate dosage without weighing or metering. The entire sachet is dropped into the system where it dissolves. The soluble sachet provides ease and accuracy of dispensing, ease and economy of transport and storage and eliminates dust and vapour hazards thereby providing safety to personnel.



Safe to use on aircraft - conforms to the appropriate aircraft specifications.

Exhibits a clean fresh odour note and completely eliminates malodours; does not just mask them.

Packed in a convenient water soluble sachet system:

Provides ease and accuracy of dispensing.

Eliminates dust and vapour hazards.

Sachet and contents completely soluble in water.

Eliminates potential spills of liquid product.

Intense blue colour in solution is simple indication that system is charged.

Conforms to the following aircraft specifications

Boeing D617487 Revision R, Toilet flushing fluids



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