Original Bike Spirits Spray Cleaner & Polish 12x14oz (CARTON)


12x14oz (CARTON)

The Original Spray Cleaner & Polish packaging has transformed into the NEW Original Bike Spirits™ Spray Cleaner & Polish. Same great product with a new attitude and spirit! There’s Nothing Like The Original™.

Original Spray Cleaner & Polish is the ultimate “detailer in a can” for motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, automobiles, marine and power equipment. It cleans dirt, road contaminants, bugs, and water spots without water - leaving a “showroom shine” that helps protect against UV damage, ozone
and dirt accumulation.

  • “Roadside Detailer” Cleans Dirt, Road Contaminants, Bugs & Water Spots Without Water
  • Larger Spray Tip - Easier To Use
  • New Cap - Snaps on Tight
  • Polishes & Protects Paint & Chrome
  • Repels Water & Provides UV Protection

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