Envirosolv 20LT



Envirosolv is a fragrant, clear liquid which is used to remove oily soils from a variety of substrates. Envirosolv is used where a pleasant to handle, naturally occurring product is preferred.

Envirosolv has wide applications in heavy transport, automotive, marine and general maintenance and repair areas.



  • Biodegradable, totally organic, derived completely from natural sources.
  • Contains no petroleum derivatives
  • Pleasant odour
  • Excellent solvency that evaporates cleanly, leaving no oily residue
  • Safe for use on all metals and paints. Before use on plastics surfaces, check to ensure material is not solvent sensitive.
  • Multipurpose formula-Envirosolv may be used for a wider variety of cleaning operations including cleaning electric motors and generator parts during overhaul
  • Wipe down cleaner for steel sheets, pipes and other metal structures
  • Removal of rust prevention compounds from dies and moulds
  • Cleaning office equipment such as typewriters, teletype machines and accounting machines
  • Parts cleaning using automated parts washers.

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