Armor All Professional AHS Ceramic Seal 2.5 Gal (9.5L)


2.5 Gal (9.5L)


White foaming liquid concentrated product that protects vehicle surfaces. AAP® Ceramic Seal’s synthetic polymer based ceramic technology actively bonds to previously applied layers to deliver three times the shine and protection.



• AAP® AHS Ceramic Seal’s synthetic polymer based ceramic technology forms a durable and strong protective coating on the vehicle surface

• Actively bonds and seals in previously applied product chemistries to increase the longevity of the shine and protection

• Can be applied late in the tunnel/wash process, stimulates/enhances drying

• Tropical fruit scented

• White foaming application, low to medium foam level depending on applicator

• Reclaim compatible

• Achieve 3 times the shine and protection when layering Ceramic Seal over the proven formulas of Rain-X and Extreme Shine Wax to deliver a top package with next level performance.

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